Childrens Area & Beer Garden


Childrens Play Area & Beer Garden.

One of the defining things that sets the Farmhouse Pub apart from some other bars is our Beer Garden and
Childrens play Area.

We know how to keep children amused whilst the parents and friends can enjoy their food and drinks, our child safe friendly play area boasts swings, climbing frames and a free bouncy castle.

What child doesn’t enjoy a bounce, climb, swing and jump around in a safe environment!


All we ask is that parents adhere to the safety advice and keep an eye on their children to make sure they are playing safely with the other children around. We do have guidelines for the use of all apperatus and ask parents to read them before allowing their children to play.


There are tables and seats all around the fenced and gated Childrens Play Area, parents can feel safe in the knowledge that toddlers cannot easily escape to the Car Park. Although we do suggest keeping a close eye on your children, after all you know what they are like!


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